Bops and Hops is a project that grew out of the founders love for craft beer and passion for music. I mean, a full shelf of the fridge and 98,000 minutes listened on Spotify type of passion. At the heart of the brand is a social media identity reviewing a wide range of local beers and pairing each flavour profile with a song to match the experience. Like wine pairing, but beer and with music instead of food. The personality of the brand is energetic, retro, cheerful and easy-going. The checkerboard pattern at the heart of the brand is nostalgic, while the minimal line-work illustrations and bold geometric typography keep things modern and clean. The two main brand colours are vibrant blue-purple colour to express the uplifting energy of music  then paired with an earthy sage, representing hops which is fitting for a small brewery focused brand, where the hops are everything. Bops and hops is a community seeking to unite beer and music lovers alike, and is growing everyday due to its strong brand identity, interesting product photography and light-hearted copywriting.